Water sensors for detecting leaks in fiber-optic junction boxes

The purpose of fiber-optic water sensors is to detect leaks. They help to prevent transmission failure in telcommunications installations, seepage of waste water or sewage into the soil, and groundwater contamination caused by leaking chemicals. If a leak occurs, the fiber-optic water sensors generate measurable attenuation change as a result of manufacturer-dependent macrobending loss in the optical fibers.

44.1 WS-B/K1 water sensors

For bend-resistant 
single mode fibers


44.2 WS-G water sensors

For bend-sensitive 
single mode fibers

ITU-T G.652.D, 
G.657.A, G.652.D


Water sensors for detecting leaks

Welcome to our water sensor page - the water sensor you can rely on for early detection of leaks! Our ultra-modern water sensors have been specially designed to provide you with effective protection against water ingress in various environments. Whether in telecommunications systems, soil or other critical environments - our water sensors stand for precise leak detection and fast response.

Fibre-optic water sensors:

44.1 WS-B/K1:

  • Ideal for bend-resistant fibers such as G.657.A1/A2 and G.657.B2/B3.
  • If a leak occurs, the sensor generates measurable attenuation change based on macro bending loss in the optical fibers.

44.2 WS-G:

  • Specially designed for bend-sensitive fibers such as G.652.D and G.657.A.
  • Provides precise leak detection, to protect your network.

Not only are our water sensors reliable, they also facilitate a quick response, making it possible to minimise downtime and avoid damage. Employ our advanced technology to protect your telecommunications installations and other critical infrastructures against water ingress.

Invest in the safety of your network with our high-quality water sensors. Early detection of leakage is the key to the long-term integrity of your infrastructure. Rely on our fiber optic sensors against water ingress to protect your network from danger caused by water and other substances.

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