GMA-VM-VPS Water remote alarm system

Monitors manhole installations, storage tanks, piping and technical rooms;
with fill-level indicator and detection of water & water mixtures.

For monitoring 2 to ≥ 12 signal lines over distances up to 80 km
based on DIN VDE 0833-1, -3, -4

Application: For monitoring manholes, storage tanks, piping and technical rooms

  • The sensor with signal generator is triggered as soon as it comes into contact with water.
  • After removal of the water and replacement of component Art. No. 50.22 GS-VP-S (spare part), the sensor is deactivated and on alert. This happens fully automatically.
  • Temperature resistance – 40 °C to + 70 °C


Particular features:

  • Various states, e.g. opening, entry, water levels, can be monitored simultaneously, by setting up the appropriate EMA-VM and GMA-VM remote alarm systems in series. If a GMA-VM is activated, it can be re-set to alert within 3 min, after the cause of triggering has been removed and the signal generator has been replaced (replacement material is required).
  • When several remote alarms are in use, the precise location of the alarm for water, heat/fire or unauthorised entry is made possible if a dead-zone box (with dead-zone fibres) is utilised.

Components - exemplified in the monitoring of district heat manhole facilities

Sensor | remote alarm system (long-duration)

Hazard alarm (shown here with a TO dead-zone box)

Signal generator




 Art. No.


 VM cable (connection to a distribution module)

 49.04 GMA-VM-TO

 (1 x GMA sensor + TO dead-zone box)



 50.27 GS-VPS

 Signal generator with signal transmitter
 For water and water mixtures


 Protective sensor casing (shown hiere without lid: for max.
 2 sensors [2a] or 1 sensor [2a] and 1 dead-zone box)


 EMA-VM sensor.




 Adjustable attachment ring (for attaching the push-pull signal
 transmitter [5].


 Baseplate for the protective casing


 Clamp Ø 10 mm for attaching the signal transmitter [5] and
 VM cable [1]


 Push-pull signal transmitter (connected to the signal generator [6])


 Signal generator


 Metal casing


 Signal generator: pressed viscose sponge


 Signal generator: lid


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