EMA-VM Intrusion alarm systems - access monitoring

Monitors opening of access covers, breaks in, climbs through or reaches inside:

The signaling device is activated when covers are opened etc.(change of route. The alarm message remains activated as long as the access cover is opened.
Reuseability: After the cover is closed, the sensor is deactivated and on alert. This happens fully automatically.

EMA - Remote alarm system (manholes)

Art.-No. EMA-VM-KSch

Monitors cable manholes: reacts if somebody opens the access cover, breaks in, climbs through or reaches inside.

EMA - Remote alarm system (doors)

Art.-Nr. EMA-VM-TR

Monitors technical rooms and cable distribution cabinets: reacts if someone opens the door, breaks in, climbs through or reaches inside.

GMA-VM Danger Alarm System - water, heat or fire etc.

The signal generator is triggered as soon as it comes into contact with the medium to be detected. After eliminating the causes, replacing the signal generator and resetting the sensor, it is again on alert. This means: the alarm message is active until the danger has been eliminated, the signal transmitter (spare part / accessory) is exchanged and the sensor is reset again.

GMA - Remote alarm system (water)


Monitors manhole installations, storage tanks, piping and technical rooms; with fill-level indicator and detection of water & water mixtures.

GMA - Remote alarm system - (fire)

Art.- No. GMA-VM-FMS

Monitors district-heating manhole facilities and technical rooms: detects heat build-up and fire

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