Wolf GmbH: Sensor, intrusion & hazard detection systems

Water detectors from Wolf GmbH - Sensor systems for detecting leaks in glass fibre sleeves

44.1 WS-B/K1 water detectors

WS-B/K1 Water detector:

Dark Fiber Test (inactive)
for optical fibres G.657.A1/A2

44.2 WS-G water detectors

For bending sensitive fibers:
Dark Fiber Test (inactive) Active Fiber Test


EMA-VM intruder alarm systems - access monitoring

Shaft - EMA - alarm system

Art.-No. EMA-VM-KSch

Monitors cable manholes: reacts if somebody opens the access cover, breaks in, climbs through or reaches inside.

Doors - EMA - alarm system

Art.-No. EMA-VM-TR

Monitors technical rooms and cable distribution cabinets: reacts if someone opens the door, breaks in, climbs through or reaches inside.

GMA-VM Hazard alarm systems - (water, fire)

GMA - signalling system (water)


Monitors manhole installations, storage tanks, piping and technical rooms; with fill-level indicator and detection of water & water mixtures.

GMA - remote alarm system (fire)

Art.- No. GMA-VM-FMS

Monitors district-heating manhole facilities and technical rooms: detects heat build-up and fire.

Welcome to Wolf GmbH - Sensortechnik – your experts for innovative safety solutions!

Discover the latest technologies and products we can provide you with for the protection of your facilities and infrastructure. Our wide range of state-of-the-art security solutions includes:

Water sensors: Our water detectors are designed to detect leaks and prevent transmission failures in telecommunication systems. From fibre-optic water sensors for the detection of water leaking into joints in dark fibre tests for unconnected fibres, to active fibre tests for connected fibre-optic fibres - we offer innovative solutions for your specific requirements.

Sample products:

  • 44.1 WS-B/K1: Fibre-optic water sensors for the detection of water ingress in joints, suitable for monitoring bend-resistant optical fibres such as fibres G.657.A1/A2 and G.657.B2/B3 in dark fibre testing.
  • 44.2 WS-G: Fibre-optic water detectors for the detection of water ingress in joints, suitable for monitoring bend-sensitive optical fibres such as G.657.A and G.652.D in active or dark fibre testing.

Remote monitoring systems based on DIN VDE 0833-1, -3, -4
Our intrusion alarm systems (EMA) and hazard alarm systems (GMA) - based on fibre-optic transmission technology – convince customers due to their individual, flexible and use-friendly combination options. Our modular system makes it possible to monitor various hazards – break-in/access, water and heat – all at the same time.

Intrusion alarm systems - access monitoring (EMA):
Our intrusion alarm systems for monitoring access provide top-class security for your cable manholes and technical rooms. From monitoring cable manholes to controlling doors –-with us, your infrastructure in safe hands.)

Sample products:

The EMA "Manhole Cover" intrusion alarm system monitors cable manholes, especially the opening of covers and intruders climbing in or reaching through.
The "Doors" system monitors technical rooms and distribution cabinets, and reacts to the opening of doors and intruders entering or reaching through.

Hazard alarm systems for water and fire (GMA):
Our hazard alarm systems offer comprehensive monitoring of manhole, tank and pipe systems as well as technical rooms. With level indicators and detection of water and water mixtures as well as the detection of heat build-up and fire, we guarantee you the highest level of safety.

Sample products:

  • The GMA "Water" hazard alarm system monitors manhole, tank and pipe systems as well as technical rooms, detecting water and water mixtures. With level indication.
  • The "Temperature" hazard alarm system monitors district-heating manhole installations and technical rooms, detecting heat build-up and fire.

Rely on our fibre-optic sensor technology to protect your systems safely. Contact us for customized safety solutions that suit your individual requirements.

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