Water sensors for detecting water ingress into sleeves

44.1 WS-B/K1

WS-B/K1 Water detector:

Dark Fiber Test (inactive)
for optical fibres G.657.A1/A2

WS-G Water detector

For bending sensitive fibrers
Dark Fibre Test (inactive) Active Fibre Test

EMA-VM Remote alarm system - access monitoring

EMA - Remote alarm system (Manholes)

Art.-No. EMA-VM-KSch

Monitors cable manholes:
reacts uf somebody opens the access cover,
break in, climbs through or reaches inside

EMA - Remote alarm system (doors)

Art.-No. EMA-VM-TR

Monitors technical rooms and cable distribution cabinets:
reacts if someone opens the door, breaks in, climbs through or reaches inside.

GMA-VM Remote alarm system - (water, fire)

GMA - Remote alarm system (water)


Monitors manhole installations, storage tanks, piping and technical rooms; with fill-level indicator and detection of water & water mixtures.

GMA - Remote alarm system (fire)

Art.- No. GMA-VM-FMS

Monitors district-heating manhole facilities and technical rooms: detects heat build-up and fire

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